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EoWR gives children an experience of meaningful purpose through travel. Our programs instill in our children the feeling of empowerment that comes as a result of taking stewardship of their lives and their experiences. Youth Eco ToursThrough experiential learning children blend and integrate with their surroundings and the elements around them, including all who are involved. Combined with intentional experiences that deepen their connection to self, they will integrate the results that are showing up for them. They will go beyond their comfort zone while being facilitated with a style of leadership that is bridled in compassion that will bring them to a place within themselves where they discover the true leader within themselves. Together combined with relevant aspects of community service they will experience the essence in giving and making a difference, they will solidify the mission of sustainability on all levels.

With nature as our backdrop, life skills will be integrated through the mere experience of traveling to a region never seen before, to discovering within themselves that they could go beyond limitations they didn’t know were possible. To find that being a part of the whole is far more rewarding than just furthering their own needs. Through Youth Eco Programs children will have a heightened experience of their heart, body, mind and spirit.

• Children will experience Trust.
• They will see another’s humanity when they witness each other in Action.
• Breakdown will be seen as functional.
• Together they will gain life tools for a stronger Emotional Intelligence.
• Experiencing the Best In Themselves will be fun and memorable.
• Giving will become a humanitarian Purpose.
• Growth will be a result of discovering the rewards in Giving to the whole.
• Sustainability will be a joy.
• Having Stewardship over their lives will be valued and revered.

The premise of these trips will tie in an aspect of community service, historical relevance, nature awareness, local sustainability practices, ecological knowledge, music/arts, journaling, kinesthetic learning, team building exercises, sharing and group logistics.

In their collective efforts they will capitalize on their own strengths and each other’s strengths. As they discover within themselves their strengths, they will also learn how to apply their strengths. Striving together as a team becomes paramount to their success as a team. Everyone involved will tap into their own unique, individual strengths where the outdoors and the World become their template for collective purpose. We will focus on what is working and grow more of the same. Any gaps will be perceived as learning opportunities. These qualities will be woven into all of our tasks and objectives. They will be empowered to know themselves based on their strengths and their weaknesses will be appreciated as gifts to learn from and an opportunity to receive.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to the possibility of serving you.

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