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Sacred Dance with the Dolphins with the Edge of World Retreats

Our Sacred Dance with the Dolphins

Experience the thrill of a WILD encounter with playful Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Your intimate, enduring encounter with dolphins may bring you feelings of intense energy, love, oneness, and a connection with nature.  Bring these emotions home to your family and friends with memorable impressions that will last a lifetime!

Scientists recognize two pinnacles of intelligence -- humans on land, and dolphins and whales in the sea.  Our host for this retreat is Roberta Goodman, former Research Director for Dr. John Lilly, renowned pioneer in interspecies communication.

In 1984 Roberta initiated the release of the Human/Dolphin Foundation’s dolphins, Joe and Rose, to the freedom of the ocean after four years of experimentation demonstrating their ability to communicate using English. Since then she has worked exclusively with dolphins in the wild. Let us gently guide you into the dolphins’ world, as the dolphins help you overcome anything that may be hindering you.

Click here for more information on Roberta Goodman.

To reserve your spot on this Sacred Dance with the Dolphins, click here to register or call 619. 887. 6720.

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