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Edge of World Reteats Facilitator, Leela Francis

“Leela is awesome! She is a uniquely dynamic and inspirational contribution to our programs. Our participants adore her heart opening and joyful blend of the sacred and the sensual, eliciting purpose and passion, and a profound experience of personal expansion.”

–T. Harv Eker, NY Times #1 Best-selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Leela Francis is an international facilitator of yoga, Nia, Trance-Ritual dance, Vividance™ and The Flirting with Nature Process™. She guides the reunion of body, self and soul, for rekindling the essence of our sacred sensuality in service of all beings and the planet. Her spiritual activist initiatives have touched the lives of thousands across North America as well as hundreds in Africa, Bosnia and Iraq. Leela is an integrative body therapist, transformational movement guide and playful Passion Priestess devoted to inspiring awakening, and personal and planetary expansion for the happiness and freedom of all beings.

Leela is facilitating our October Sacred Dance with the Dolphins in Hawaii! To reserve your spot on Sacred Dance with the Dolphins, click here to register or call 619. 887. 6720.

Opportunities facilitated by Leela:

Welcome to Edge of World Retreats
  • Connect to self, each other and nature, through the 5 stages of VividExistence™, a powerful system of sensual awakening, energy expanding and dynamically liberating expressiveness.
  • Explore the art of embodiment for heightened states of awareness, joy and meaning.
  • Discover your body as a vehicle for pleasure, creativity and spiritual connection as you stretch, strengthen, play, imagine and dream with your body.
  • Experience a deep state of belonging, peace and communion with all of creation.
  • Breath and sound practices.
  • A safe and sacred community for sharing ourselves and embracing the depth of our shared experiences together.

Some of the boks and aricles by Leela Francis

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