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Article written for Vision Magazine
The time is Now for a Mythic life
By Tracy Brooks

Remember a time when life seemed larger than life?  That magical, awe-inspiring time when everything appeared to be bigger than it actually was? You swore time stood still.    Or maybe for you, you had an on-going relationship with all that was knowing and powerful, a belief such as this was never doubted or out of your grasp because you had experienced it to be real. 

When you really ask yourself, “Why am I here,” and, “What is the meaning of my existence,” these are questions that really get you to your core.  That vulnerable asking is part of life’s quest.  When you have a visceral experience of the omnipotent source available to us all, you are beginning to have full expression of the capacity within yourself to have a Mythic Life.

From the beginning of civilization, humans have looked to the Gods and Goddesses for answers, guidance and evidences.  These evidences can manifest as symbols or tangible results. Messages gleaned from the realm of the divine encapsulated profound truths and translated into a formidable language to be heard and ingested by all who are listening.  This great source of knowledge and wisdom throughout antiquity gave us an anchor and a bar to attain such inherent attributes within our selves.  This soul-centered life or existence is the Mythic way, the calling for something more meaningful, a legacy and value- enriching existence that evidences itself in the merits of love, joy, knowledge, freedom, empowerment and passion.

The Mystery that lies in the ashes of the deities, has burning embers that will continue to glow for all eternity.  A Mythic life has true depth and meaning that all humans since the beginning of time have sought.  Striving for this connection has the placental nourishing and ethereal vapor thin ties that ultimately nurture and sustain us through all the travails that life befalls us all.

Do you hear the calling, do you yearn for more meaning out of your own life, do you desire something bigger or grander than your present existence?  There is potency in the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece, one that takes us back to a time when epiphanies were passed down from Olympus, which had such amazing accuracy that they became legendary oracles and prophecies.  Classical Greece flourished and was a premier pilgrimage destination where divine alignments with the stars created a time and space where Gods, Goddesses and mortals could co-mingle.

What if there was a template available that could re-create a soulful existence, one that embodied the essence, qualities and attributes of the timeless Gods and Goddesses, a matrix of experiences and connections that would align you with the heavens above and infuse your soul with principles that are rooted in eternal knowing.  Purpose can be a driving force for any human being, when combined with passion, one experiences true freedom.  Imagine creating that for your- self in the here and now. There is an invitation here to embark on that journey.  The time is now to heed the call.  Our planet needs us to ascend to new conscious heights.

There is no greater exploration than the exploration of self, as Apollo’s famous words so magnificently indicate, inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. The simplicity speaks voluminously. “Know thyself.” Apollo was the God of Music, Poetry, Prophecy and Medicine. Can you begin to feel how reconnecting with Apollo could bring an important dimension back into your own life?  In Athens, home of Athene, tapping into the Venus energy of love and beauty would add enormous complexity to your realm- like a rose that is inter-laden with grace, clarity and scented enthusiasm.  The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Venus presided over the “rose mandala” pattern made by the planet Venus as it moved across the sky.  With each completed conjunction, the planet Venus traces a five- pointed star within a circle pattern.  This powerful connection climaxed every eighth year, in which the Goddess of love presided over lavish celebrations.

This awe-inspiring journey awaits you. The universe beckons us all to live a more Mythic life, one that is filled with magic and mystery, and abounds with purpose, passion and truly living a soul centered life.  Where meaning is wrapped in the wings of eternal principles that guide us, and ground us, through the forest of darkness and the mundane physical responsibilities of living our daily lives. By living a Mythic life, we find answers to the deepest questions we all ask. Our lives, themselves serve as our guiding light by blanketing us in the values that we all are searching for. 

Come experience and explore with us, as we connect together to ascend to new heights in Greece. This Mythic life journey will take place in Greece, March 25 – April 4, 07.  We will be guided and led through this amazing experience by Keith Burke, Managing Director of California Institute for Open Studies and Nationally renowned speaker.  Edge of World Retreats proudly presents this incredible opportunity.  Space is limited so call now to reserve your spot in the glorious Mediterranean. 1-866-703-8318 or
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